Ambien Detox, Ambien Detox Center, and Withdrawl
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Ambien Detox

Do I need Ambien detox?

Ambien DetoxThe need for Ambien detox is often difficult for family or friends to recognize. Addiction or dependency does not necessarily require daily re-supply. In fact, Ambien addiction tends to be more private than most narcotic dependencies. Long-term users of Ambien can suffer from a number of moderate to severe side effects.

These symptoms reflect extreme dependency and can indicate the immediate need for treatment at an Ambien detox center:

  • Abnormal acne
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Excessive urinary production
  • Heart attack
  • High blood pressure
  • Kidney failure
  • Mental deterioration
  • Weight loss

The truth is, no matter what type of addiction you have, you need support and structure to withdraw from it and this will only be offered in an Ambien detox center or program. If you are at the point of being addicted to Ambien, more than likely, you have also formed a mental/emotional addiction to it. This means that you are using the Ambien to ineffectively cope with things in your life. However, one of the main reasons why you need Ambien detox is because this drug has affected your central nervous system. Essentially, the Ambien slows down your central nervous system. It is derived from the category of drugs known as CNS depressants, which means that you need a medically controlled detox. You need to be in an Ambien detox center for the mere fact that you need to be gradually withdrawn from Ambien.

What is Ambien?

Ambien is a Schedule IV controlled substance prescribed to individuals who need assistance in falling asleep. If the medication is taken for a prolonged period of time, or used as a recreational drug, one can quickly become addicted to it. Ambien abuse and dependency has no age barriers and is not gender specific. It affects teens as well as senior citizens. Recent studies have indicated that senior women are especially prone to Ambien abuse.

Because Ambien is a prescribed medication and commercials for the drug are regularly broadcasted on television, users can often forget that the medication is extremely habit-forming. As supply and demand for Ambien increases, so does the number of abuse or addiction cases. The growing prevalence of these issues has resulted in an increased demand for quality, inpatient Ambien detox center and rehab programs.

Ambien Detox Center

An Ambien detox center should not be focused on your physical dependency alone. It needs to be focused on your mental addiction as well. An effective Ambien detox center will first put you through a mental and medical assessment to determine which course of treatments will be most effective for you. Then the detox center will help you withdraw from this drug.

Following your Ambien detox, you will participate in a series of mental treatments such as cognitive-behavioral approaches, family therapy, individual counseling, and any number of group meetings. Every aspect of your addiction should be addressed so that your Ambien detox will not have been in vain. We can help you get the treatment you need to recover. The call is confidential and you can take advantage of our free assessment any time, 24/7. Don't allow another day of fighting Ambien addiction go by. Call now!

Ambien Detox, Ambien Detox Center, and Withdrawl
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