Drug Weaning Detox and Withdrawal
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Drug Weaning Detox

Drug weaning detox is one of the many types of detoxification that are available. Choosing the method best suited for your addiction can make all the difference in whether the detox plan is successful and you remain drug free. However, detoxing from the addiction---ridding the patient of his physical dependency upon drugs---is only the first step to complete rehabilitation.

What is drug weaning detox?

Similar to the substitution method, the drug weaning detox method allows the patient to consume the drug to which they are addicted or a similar withdrawal drug. Instead of quitting the drugs cold turkey, which can send the body into shock, drug weaning detox slowly decreases the amount of drugs consumed over a period of time. Scheduling the drug weaning detox process slows down or potentially eliminates the adverse physical withdrawal symptoms associated with addictive drug use.

This method is best conducted at a hospital or rehabilitation center in order to monitor that the patient is taking the correct dosage; the dose is gradually reduced, allowing the patient to look forward to an eventual end to the dependency. Ideally, before you attempt the drug weaning detox process, learn about the specific drug and its effects on the body. Learning about the areas of the body that are affected by the drug helps to prepare for the detoxification process. Look into both the physical and mental aspects of the drug effects to get an idea of what to expect during withdrawal.

Drugs deposit potentially destructive free radicals in the body, and depending on the actual drug, may also contain harmful toxins. During drug weaning detox, you will be flushing out the toxins from the drugs by consuming lots of fluids. Pomegranate juice, acai berry juice and green tea contain high amounts of antioxidants to help the detox process. Additionally, green tea provides caffeine to energize the body's sluggish response to the withdrawal process. Be sure to also drink plenty of water so the body stays hydrated.

Supplements are vital to the drug weaning detox process. Valerian Root comes in both pill and tea form and is a natural way to calm an agitated body and mind. Melatonin is a natural sleep aid that helps with insomnia-related responses to withdrawal. Over-the-counter pain relievers provide relief for aches and pains, including headaches related to tension or the body's reaction to the detoxification process. Vitamins are essential and offer the body the nutrients it needs but likely will not receive through traditional methods due to a lack of appetite or gastrointestinal problems brought on by the drug weaning detox process.

However, drug weaning detox is only the first step in becoming drug free and kicking dependency on a drug, either prescription or illegal. The drug weaning detox merely erases the physical dependency on the drug; emotional rehabilitation to help stem the patient's psychological addiction to the drug can be done at the same time and should be continued as long as needed to ensure that the recovering addict does not backslide into his old habits.

Drug Weaning Detox and Withdrawal
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