Cocaine Detox and Cocaine Treatment
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Cocaine Detox

Cocaine DetoxCocaine detox means stopping use of the drug in order to cleanse the system of the harmful toxins it brings into the body. Although a cocaine detox does not have to be performed in a medical facility, the resources available for a withdrawing addict are much better than those available at home or non-medical facilities. Detox is a complicated process and licensed professionals help to supervise and ensure the safety of the addict and any other people involved. Detox specialists are also able to give the addict support and understanding about the process and what options are available once a person has detoxed.

Cocaine is one of the most addictive drugs in the world. Ever since the 1970's, when the popularity of this drug began to skyrocket, cocaine has been a problem for law enforcement, treatment professionals and families around the world. Once an addict has admitted to a problem, cocaine detox is the first step in recovery. Once detox has taken place, proper substance abuse treatment will help ensure the persons continued sobriety.

How is cocaine detox different than other drug detoxification?

For the most part, cocaine addiction is a psychological addiction. Unlike heroin addiction or other opiate-related conditions, there is not as much of a physical component to the problem. Since, detoxification helps the individual overcome physical addiction, it is not as significant a part of the process. But it must be completed nonetheless if the individual is to enter into drug rehab with a clean system.

After the physical cocaine detox is completed, recovering persons should immediately begin to work on the emotional aspect of drug addiction recovery. Drug rehabilitation provides various types of group counseling as well as one-on-one therapy to address the emotional damage that cocaine abuse and addiction has caused in a person's life. A compassionate and supportive environment is very helpful during ones recovery process. Throughout the emotional phase of the cocaine addiction rehab, the patient is slowly cleansed and rebuilt stronger than before their addiction took hold of them.

When a cocaine addict engages in individual counseling, they meet regularly with a drug rehab counselor to review the history of their drug use, searching for trigger behaviors and root causes of the addiction. These are vital sessions, as it gives the individual a chance to talk openly and honestly for the first time about their cocaine use and how it has impacted their life. In group counseling, the individual meets in a counselor-led session with other recovering addicts. Here, the participants will share stories and experiences regarding their drug use and work together to support one another through the rehab process.

Through the cocaine detox process many important lessons are learned. Once detox is complete, attending drug addiction treatment helps to create a solid foundation in sobriety and a new way of life. If you or someone you love is suffering from the pain of cocaine addiction and needs to detox in order to start living again, please contact us today. Let us help guide you towards the right solution to meet you or your loved ones specific addiction recovery needs.

Cocaine Detox and Cocaine Treatment
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