Meth Detox
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Meth Detox

What is meth detox?

Meth DetoxDetox gives you a safe place to relax and allow the drug to naturally leave your system under medical supervision. Should you have co-occurring medical conditions that cause complications during your detox or need assistance dealing with any withdrawal symptoms, medical professionals are available with appropriate assistance.

Can I do a meth detox at home?

It is not recommended that you attempt to detox off of any drug including meth at home alone. Without the supervision of medical professionals, you may find yourself without assistance should you run into unexpected health complications. Also, too many who try to run their own meth detox find that the emotional hold of the drug is too much to combat on their own. They end up using the drug again even when they don't want to, just to stop the deep depression that ensues in order to feel normal again. When you undergo a meth detox at an accredited drug rehabilitation center, you significantly increase your chances of success due to the medical assistance on site and the emotional support and structure that will keep you from relapsing.

What is meth?

Meth-also known as speed, crank, and ice-is an uniquely addictive substance. Its effect lasts for hours, far longer than other recreational drugs, and the combination of sleep deprivation with the drugs physical effects creates serious havoc on mental perception. Paranoia and "speed psychosis" is common. The more time passes, the more sleep becomes the enemy and more of the drug feels like a necessity. The way to break this hold is to enter a meth detox center and get the drug out of your system completely.

Do I need Meth detox?

If you are addicted to meth, speed, crank or any other form of methamphetamine, you need a meth detox. It is the only way to build a solid foundation in recovery, one that you should immediately build upon through meth addiction treatment.

Meth detox is performed in many different ways depending on where you decide to receive treatment. Most meth detox centers simply provide treatment to avoid physical withdrawal to alcohol & other drugs. Ideally, a trained detox facility will incorporate counseling and therapy during detox to help with the psychological distress that the individual may experience as well.

Some drug rehab programs incorporate meth detox and addiction treatment. They provide their clients with proper nutrition and gentle exercise to help their body return to its former health as they go through the process of flushing the meth from their system. They can ease into treatment slowly, joining group meetings and undergoing individualized therapy as they feel up to it and increasing their involvement in the program over time.

There are also specialized treatment programs for people who suffer from both drug addiction and psychological disorders. Meth addiction often induces psychosis even without the present of a co-occurring disorder like depression or bipolar disorder. The two together can be overwhelming. This is why many treatment programs are now offering specialized meth detox and addiction treatment.

Meth Detox
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